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Alfonso Vargas - 01/Agosto/2013

This welcome article is all to give special thanks to our head master ANA OMAIRA RINCON DE OLARTE & GLADIS EDILSA PIRACON who gave me the opportunity to begin this WEB SITE. Engineer Heli Rojas contributed  a lot and want to give him a friendship hug because without him it wasn't possible. Now we offer this advance of what will be the most important tool to communicate and share things that are happening and will in the close future of our prestigious school. Let´s begin by telling all our readers that now we have where to publish through the WEB, the whole daily happenings. 
It's an open invitation to see how is progressing the school, and when I say "the" it is, of course the great "Guillermo León Valencia" which is the most important educative institution in town, now a days, it is going to climb to the highest position among all institutions of the same category in Duitama.  

Special greetings and a big hug to all my female mates in the English department and at the same time I want to encourage you to write and share  whatever you want and that will naturally be  well accepted by our select group of readers. As it is only the beginning of this WEB PAGE, and it is our mean to communicate. As the recent event, THE ENGLISH SONG AND CULTURE FESTIVAL, which was really amaizing, too much water under the bridge  since the moment it began in the seventy's. Let's continue with more about us and those activities our students do and produce. I know that many of them are really interested to show things and publish them in English and of course, through this mean.

Once again we all must be and feel happy because the creation of this important mean of communication that wasn't exist before till today we celebrate it happily appears  in the World Wide Web. I invite all you to see and follow us at www.sysmaya.net/glvschool



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